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UŁAN BROWAR is also a place of relaxation, entertainment and education:
_board games,
_historical books,
_colouring books for children and adults,
_notebooks for games,
_games: Tic-tac-toe, Battleship, popular knowledge quizzes, etc.

Contact us:
+48 664 326 702

Group bookings rules:

# Group bookings at UŁAN BROWAR are made for 5 persons or more.
# A group booking can be made by phone, or email; however it will only be active once confirmed by UŁAN BROWAR; we do not accept Facebook or text message bookings.
# I do hope our guests are punctual. At this point I need to inform you that if a group is absent 15 minutes after the booked time, the booking is cancelled.
# The settlement of group booking is made on the basis of a single, cumulative bill; no bills are handed over to individual guests by UŁAN BROWAR in case of group bookings.
# The time of stay of groups is compliant with business hours of UŁAN BROWAR.

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When it is nice and warm outside, UŁAN BATOR welcomes guests outside, in its garden at 26 Wyspiańskiego Street. Sunbeds, military chests, benches with tables, and barrels with benches and tables where you can sit privately – all are available to guests seeking fresh air.

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