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UŁAN BROWAR being a Restaurant & Brewery proudly serves traditional Polish cuisine as well as delicacies from the Wielkopolska region. A wood-burning stove used for cooking takes up much of kitchen space.

A delicious dinner or supper… That is what we are known for here at UŁAN BROWAR. You can also try some of the delicious golden beers brewed in our brewery – we offer many flavours and aromas, all of which are based on the unique recipes by our resident Master Brewer. This guy will not let you get bored as he is constantly cooking up something new. In addition to beer, we offer other cold and hot drinks – with or without alcohol content.

You wish to spend some time sipping coffee or tea and savouring a piece of a traditional pie – UŁAN BROWAR is just the place. Kids will find things to play with – board games, books, colouring books, Tic-tac-toe, Battleship, quizzes…

Talking about a lazy Sunday with your family, or an outing with your friends, or maybe a date, or a concert – you can’t go wrong with UŁAN BROWAR. If you’re planning a business event, UŁAN BROWAR will be a perfect location, being able to hold many guests in its space of 1350 m2. UŁAN BROWAR is not just about delicious food, but also seeing a concert or a show on U1 stage, or playing a game of snooker or a board game in the chillout zone.

Looking forward to visiting UŁAN BROWAR?
Book a place.
+48 888 085 222
open every day: 12:00–00:00

You can call us during opening hours. At extremely busy times we might be unable to answer the phone, so thank you in advance for your patience. Please contact us via e-mail and note that an e-mail booking is not valid until you hear back from us. Booking at least one day in advance is recommended. We get extremely busy on weekends – we advise booking over a week in advance from Friday to Sunday. We don’t take bookings via Facebook.

For bookings for 15 or for corporate events please contact us to discuss the menu, setting and entertainment options.

We look forward to seeing you at UŁAN BROWAR!


Group bookings rules:
# Group bookings at UŁAN BROWAR are made for 5 persons or more.
# A group booking can be made by phone, or email; however it will only be active once confirmed by UŁAN BROWAR; we do not accept Facebook or text message bookings.
# I do hope our guests are punctual. At this point I need to inform you that if a group is absent 15 minutes after the booked time, the booking is cancelled.
# The settlement of group booking is made on the basis of a single, cumulative bill; no bills are handed over to individual guests by UŁAN BROWAR in case of group bookings.
# The time of stay of groups is compliant with business hours of UŁAN BROWAR.

I wish you many happy moments!

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